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C.E.O. Message

The convenient and useful technological culture to mankind has been position in our life in depth as this 21st century is a civilized in high technology.
The company which can be near in the natural environment for human with advanced technology can exist and it is required at this time.
We ,Jinsung Hitech Co.,Ltd. will make our best effort always by mean of the company management through the firm willing and faith by power-tech to realize the joint prosperity and happiness of ourselves and neighbors with single mind of every company for
“desirable creation, owners of creation and social devotion” with the theme of human and technology, culture and company, and environment and development.

Morning home bread maker has full automatic functions of various dough, fermentation,
bread-making .   Also you can make jam, yogurt, Sikhye (sweet drink made with fermented rice) and Cheonggukjang (bean paste soup made with fermented soybeans).
Morning halogen oven uses Europe-style high-temperature heat circulation and oriental far infrared ray radiation.
It presents a nutrition of materials, the best taste of cuisine and joy of cooking.

Chairman         : Mr. Geun-Bae Im
CEO/CTO         : Mr. Alexei Y.B. Lim

Detailed Company Information

  • Business TypeManufacturer
  • Year Established2012
  • LocationSouth Korea
  • Main MarketsAustralia,China,Indonesia,India,Qatar,U.S.A,Viet Nam
  • Total Employees 1-50 People
  • Homepage
  • PresidentGUNBAE IM
  • Phone+82-51-532-0426
  • FAX+82-51-532-0429
  • Address120-10, Suna3gu-gil (Myeongji-dong), Gangseo-gu,Busan, Korea
  • Product Category Home Appliances > Blender
    Home Appliances > Coffee Maker
    Home Appliances > Electric Ovens
    Home Appliances > Juicer
    Home Appliances > Other Kitchen Appliances

Additional Introduction

Technology (Intellectual Property)

NOIItemDescriptionRegistration No.
1Patents Fuel mixture combustion device by supercritical water10-041424410-0414244 
2PatentsElectric Oven10-050674810-0506748 
3PatentsGarbage disposals10-067557010-0675570 
4PatentsFuel mixture combustion device by supercritical water10-123840710-1238407 
6PatentsDoor opening structure for cooking device10-114785610-1147856 
7PatentsGarbage disposals10-097424710-0974247 
8PatentsGarbage disposals10-109977610-1099776 

>> Utility Models - 4 EA, Registered Trademark - Morning Bread, Baro Clean, Morning Nude Toaster


Our History

  • AUG, 2012Established (8th floor, Borim Factopia, Geumsa-dong,Geumjeong-gu, Busan, Korea) ★ MirTech Co.Ltd. (affiliated company) : Established in July 6, 1986

Factory Information

  • JINSUNG HITECH CO., LTD120-10, Suna3gu-gil (Myeongji-dong), Gangseo-gu,Busan, Korea