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Morning Cook Robot [MCR-1230]

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Morning Cook Robot [MCR-1230]

│ Description │

● Meat, grilled fish, mixed food, rice, pizza, pasta.. the first cooker of our house that cooks every kind of food.
Health porridge, recovery food for patient, weaning food, health tea.. Health keeper of our house.
Nut products, mixed food, coffee bean, roasting, pop-corn. Snack maker of our house

● HRS(Heat Recovery System) Technology
: It is a high efficiency energy-saving system that keeps inside heat smoothly as the air heated by the heater falls like a waterfall through the top of the product and cover up for food

● Multi-Fuction
- Grill : all kinds of grilled food including meat(steak, rib, chicken, bacon), grilled fish, pizza, pasta, bread etc.
- Stir-fry : mixed rice, pasta, assorted vegetable, pop-corn, coffee bean roasting, nut products(peanut, gingko nut, black bean, sesame), homemade health tea(burdock, dried slices of radish, mushroom etc.)
- Stew : vegetable stew, beef stew, chicken stew.
- Steam : rice, vegetable steam, fish steam.

● Automatic Stir Blade
- As a stir blade rotating automatically, you don’t need to stir during cooking separately.
- It is possible to make health tea, mixing food cleanly and conveniently in the house.
- You can enjoy coffee bean blended depending on an individual liking with a function of coffee bean.

● Wellbeing health food
- Wellbeing health food enabling grilled food, mixed food, air-fry only with water & beef infusion of ingredients

● Large capacity
- All-purpose pan detachable with stir blade can cover the cooking for maximum 6 persons and the food is not burnt and stuck, but smoothly cooked as stir blade stirs continuously

● It is a safe apparatus that the electric charge is saved with automatic temperature control device and stops to run automatically, if temperature rises over the fixed temperature.

│ Features │

● Multi-Fuction
- Grill : all the barbecue. cook such as meat (steak, ribs, chicken, bacon), fish, pizza.
- Stir-fry : fried rice, , pasta, a variety of vegetables, fried nuts(peanuts, ginkgo, black beans, sesame seeds) roasted coffee beans, popcorn
- Stew : vegetable stew, beef stew, chicken stew.
- Steam : rice, vegetable steam, fish steam.

● HRS(Heat Recovery System) Technology
- The hot wind is falling down such as a waterfall from upper air inlet and the food is heated once more while it is heated directly at the bottom of pan by the heater, HRS is highly efficient energy-saving system.

● Automatic Stir Blade
- In automatic rotating stir blade, without additional stir.
- Food to prevent scorching or stick pan, cook evenly.

● Green and healthy food, Slow Cook

│ Technical features │

Voltage (V)

100~120V, 220~240V

Power (W)


Frequency (Hz)


Capacity size

3 Liter



Power code

Normal(wire), 1.3M

Temperature range

40 ~ 220°C

Timer setting

5min. ~ 60hr.

│ Packing features │





350 x 330 x 290mm

Gift box




400 x 400 x 310mm

Box Type

Color gift box

Master carton box

Pcs in Master Box



420 x 420 x 330mm



│ Logistic data │


590 units


1,190 units


1,380 units


590 units

│ Design features │

Color available

White, Black

Logo (Brand name)

Buyer's brand

Instruction manual

10p. / 70g Recycled paper (Out & Inner)

Basic Accessories

Pan, Srir-blade, Spoon, Turner, Tongs