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Halogen Oven MHO-B11

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  • Size400 * 340 * 330 mm
  • Weight16 kg


  • South Korea South Korea
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Product Detail Information

◆ Selectable from 7 liter for one or two persons to 12 liter for High-capacity.
◆ Can directly watch the cooking process through the transparent  container
◆ No loss of nutrition by cooking the outside and inside of the food at the same time with halogen heater
◆ Conveniences of use by control of temperature and time in the method of clockwork type.
◆ Universal cooker in far infrared convection type

    -End of onerousness of flipping
    -Universal cooking utensils pursuing oven, grill, steamer, smoke, barbeque, bread-making, baking, warming-up
◆ Maintain the true taste of food as it is
    -Quick cooking time by far-infrared heated air circulating with high  temperature, with vapor   sealing.
◆ Simple cooking that doesn’t need water
    -Simply cook various vegetables, egg, yam, fish, shrimp, shell, meat.
    -It smells less and smoke doesn’t rise when grilling fish.
◆ Simple cleaning
   -store easily by the separation of glass container and body
◆ Electric bill of less power consumption with automatic temperature control device


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